Become a MultiVersus Ambassador and join an elite group of content creators in the Community! Ambassadors can be cosplayers, artists, visual creators, passionate Community members, and more. If you have what it takes, join the fun!

The Ambassador program is designed to empower Community leaders and creatives for MultiVersus.

Perks List

Visual recognition in the Community
First looks at new characters, maps, and more!
Empowering creatives to create content

Ambassador Program Requirements

The Ambassador Program is for those Players who are interested in building a highly enthusiastic and creative Community for Multiversus. Ambassadors consistently show leadership by contributing to and fostering a positive Community. Ambassadors can be mentors, pro-players, content creators, moderators, cosplayers, artists, and more. They create content, and do so in a positive, constructive way.

The Ambassador Program is built for those who are passionate about Multiversus and Community. Ambassadors can be rewarded for their efforts in multiple ways, including special badge recognition, exclusive access to the Game Team, prizes, and more

Players who think they would be a good fit for The Ambassador Program need to meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good standing with all social media and content creation Communities, gaming or otherwise
  • Drive healthy engagement with MultiVersus channels on a regular basis
  • Are active and engaged with the MultiVersus Community
  • Abide by the MultiVersus Terms of Use
  • Must be at least 18 years old
Be a Leader!

Ambassadors think like leaders and encourage creativity, serve as role models, are passionate, and have a positive attitude.


Ambassadors are creative! They produce content that is entertaining and interesting for the whole Community. The better the content is, the higher the chances are that it will be promoted across MultiVersus’ Community, Social and LiveStream Platforms.


Ambassadors help others in the Community, by answering questions, or moderating. A great leader helps those in need.

Be Active!

Ambassadors are active members of the Community - they post and discuss content, and help others to achieve their goals within The Game and broader Community.

Give Feedback!

Ambassadors will consistently provide the Game Team with feedback that is "respectful and constructive" and that will help grow The Game.


  • Warner Bros. Games
  • Player First Games
  • DC