MultiVersus Developer Series: PvE Rifts Mode

By Player First Games
16 de may. de 2024

Hey there, gang! We hope you’ve been enjoying all our blogs and updates leading up to launch. So far we’ve touched on our new net code and Combat Refactor and now we’ll be taking a look at the all-new PvE (Player vs. Environment) mode. Our new PvE mode is called “Rifts” and it’ll give players an entirely new way to experience MultiVersus. We love our competitive PvP (Player vs. Player) modes and want to give players the option of playing MultiVersus in different ways. Rifts mode will allow players to travel the multiverse and fight their way through a series of encounters, flavored by wacky combat mutators and unique experiences. We’ll be updating the mode frequently, so each season should look different than the last.  

What is MultiVersus Rifts mode?   

Rifts mode is a way for all players to jump into MultiVersus and progress their skills, outside of our competitive PVP modes. Each Rift will have a sequence of battles or challenges around a particular theme, whether it’s The Joker infiltrating the Batcave or Batman and Velma teaming up to decide who’s the best detective. These themes will be organized around seasonal “Attunements,” such as Chaos, for the Clown Prince of Crime who is joining our cast in Season 1. The same way every MultiVersus battle is bubbling with character interactions, we wanted to make each Rift “Uniquely MultiVersus,” every season.    

When first diving into Rifts mode you’ll learn the basic systems and mechanics within a special Tutorial Rift, but soon enough you’ll graduate to Seasonal Rifts, which, have unique stages, skins, characters and mutators, that make them both memorable and challenging. Rifts get more tough as you progress, so it might take you an entire season to battle your way to the finish line.     

While you can play Rifts mode entirely solo, you can also team-up online to play co-op with your pals. Co-op Rifts are a great way to earn rewards as a team and learn some teamwork to apply to other modes as well. It should also be noted that when you team up with friends, you’ll both share in the rewards!  

When we launch on May 28, Rifts mode will be in its first iteration and it will continue to evolve within the season and beyond. Our goal is to constantly test new mechanics in Rifts mode and continue to surprise you, the player, with great gameplay experiences that are unique to MultiVersus.  

Expanding Combat Possibilities  

For us, MultiVersus has always strived to give the player the utmost flexibility to create unique moments of combat joy. Our goal is to expand the tools of gameplay creativity and we utilized that same perspective when building the Rifts mode.   

Encounters in Rifts mode are injected with a variety of different effects called mutators. Each node that you participate in will have different mutators that’ll lead to wild, loony and challenging combat encounters. Some of the mutators you experience will be influenced by that Rift’s theme, while others will just be tweaked for maximum chaos.   

For example, have you ever wanted to try full aerial MultiVersus combat without ever hitting the ground? The Infinite Jumps mutator could be up your alley. Or, maybe your tastes are a little more eccentric and you’ve dreamed of using your chicken hands to turn your opponent into a rotisserie chicken… then Chicken Gauntlets mutator might be for you.     

Some of the nodes in a Rift may be fresh new gameplay experiences outside of a core MultiVersus battle. We have over a dozen of these “mini-games” within Season 1 of Rifts alone. These mini-games could be a quick matching game or a snappy game of volleyball. We constantly want to try new things in MultiVersus and as we design new mini-games, we’ll put them in future Rifts seasons.    

Finally, we’re introducing boss battles within Rifts mode. The idea of fighting a boss at the end of a stage or a level is ingrained in our DNA as gamers. We want MultiVersus players to have that experience, as well. Each Rift will end with a Rift themed boss battle aimed at challenging your abilities in a creative and fun way.   

Remember, more mutators and mini-games will be coming in new seasons, so what you see on May 28 will only be the beginning! 

Rewards and Progression  

There are numerous rewards for progressing in Rifts mode and new challenges will be updated regularly. As you progress through your nodes, you’ll complete various optional mission objectives that reward you stars (up to five stars), each one giving you more and more rewards.  Additionally, we will have season-long events that reward you for beating bosses at increasing difficulty levels. As you navigate through a Rift, you can always go back and replay any battle you particularly liked or to try to get more stars and rewards on that node.    

So, how exactly do you power-up to beat those bosses and take down a Rift?  In Rifts mode, each player has three sockets to place Gems.  Gems are power-ups that will give you bonuses to make tougher nodes less challenging.  There are three types of gems: Offense, Defense and Utility and each gem has an associated “Attunement” like the Rift Attunements for that season (i.e. Chaos).  When you get multiple versions of the same gems, you can level them up, instead of sitting in your inventory as duplicates. Various gems of different rarities can be discovered and plugged into your sockets leading to an increase in power that you can then use to tackle even the toughest Rifts. There are a ton of ways to earn gems through organic gameplay and completing your Battle pass, so eventually you’ll be powered-up and ready in no time. We think you’re really going to enjoy this new system and can’t wait to see what builds you come up with to tackle whatever Rifts we throw your way.  

Thank You  

Thanks again for hanging out with us and checking out our Developer Series. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of the MultiVersus community. You can find our other Developer Series here. Be sure to warp into our Social Channels and join us on Discord to discuss Rifts mode. 







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